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Transformation by Risketch

I gave you 4.5 stars for everything except originality (because I have seen a few Chrysalis/Cadence transformation-themed artworks befo...



I know I haven't uploaded on this for so fucking long but I want to start using DA again. A lot of the stuff on this account is ridiculously outdated so I'll be creating a new one. Some of the stuff from this account (including some pony stuff,  all Enter Shikari stuff, Kasabian stuff,  rabbit stuff) will be posted there.

NOW USING THIS ACCOUNT: Return-To-Energiser.

Go watch that account if you actually see this which I greatly doubt.
Enter Shikari Bournemouth 3 by PrivateCocky
Enter Shikari Bournemouth 3
Enter Shikari Bournemouth International Centre 22/2/2016. Dear Future Historians :') I couldn't see Rou for most of it because I was right at the front o the barrier but he was at the back. My dad took this photo.
I haven't drawn much of Cocky for a long time, so I thought I would update her design and expand on her a bit! I also had a thought that given her job and nature, she could have a role in the Scienceverse (I'm writing the first part of the story atm, which I will upload after a few more character refs etc.)

I know I haven't uploaded on this for so fucking long but I want to start using DA again. A lot of the stuff on this account is ridiculously outdated so I'll be creating a new one. Some of the stuff from this account (including some pony stuff,  all Enter Shikari stuff, Kasabian stuff,  rabbit stuff) will be posted there.

NOW USING THIS ACCOUNT: Return-To-Energiser.

Go watch that account if you actually see this which I greatly doubt.


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United Kingdom
my thesis on commentfav debate by swift-whippet I appreciate comments more than faves, but I still appreciate faves.

Hi fellow retards!! I am Eleanor, a completely random teenage twat who exists in an alternate dimension where everything is rainbows, obscure references, triangles (that's a reference lol), music, psychedelia, ponies and rabbits.

Here are some of my fandoms/mad obsessions. Be at one with me!!:

- Enter Shikari. YOU FUCKING SPANNER!!!!!!!!! Favourite song? Don't even go there mate. My favourite album is probably A Flash Flood of Colour. Yabba dabba do one son! Well, I'll have a go at some favourite songs then. For the feels: CONSTELLATIONS (!!!); Wall; Gap in the Fence; Hectic (the most nostalgic thing in existence); Dear Future Historians; Adieu. For the badassity: Thumper; Anaesthetist; Myopia (pretty euphoric too though); Never Let Go of the Microscope; Arguing With Thermomethers; Sorry, You're Not a Winner.... Okay, the list gets ludicrously long. For the eurphoria: The Last Garrison; Torn Apart; Search Party; Pack of Thieves (and the Rory C remix); Return to Energiser; Keep It On Ice (seriously, what s a fucking noodly tangle?); Kicking Back on the Surface of You Cheek (amazing ending); Adieu (Routron 5000 remix); Mothership/Motherstep... again, it gets ludicrous. For the message... all of them have such amazing messages.

- The Super Furry Animals. Cymru FTW. You're on my mind every day and every night and you'll never go away cause I know you're here to stay (aaahhhh that's one of the best acid songs ever). Favourite song? Errrr, it's a draw between Something 4 The Weekend and Hometown Unicorn. Yep, I'm a Fuzzy Logic girl. The Man Don't Give A Fuck is probably up there too. Atomic Lust and Zoom from Love Kraft come next, and Cityscape Skybaby from Phantom Power (best outro EVARRRR!!!). Best song from SFA Acoustic is Piccolo Snare (teh feels!). And I've actually seen SFA live now, so yeah, I just need to see Kasabian and E.S. now to complete my life, and I'm going to see E.S. in February!!!!

- Kasabian. LAAA LAAA LAAAAAAAAAA!!!! LA LA LA LA LA LA LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Favourite song? Well how the fuck am I meant to decide? I can put the albums in order of love though: 1) Kasabian. 2) Empire. 3) West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum. 4) 48:13. 5) Velociraptor! Please don't kill meh for putting 48:13 over Velociraptor. It's just that I've not listened to Velociraptor as much. It was the album that made me a fan, however. I can say which song is my favourite from each album I think: Kasabian: Test Transmission. Empire: Sun Rise Light Flies. WRPLA: Take Aim. Velociraptor: Re-Wired. 48:13: Stevie. Saracuse demos: Rain On My Soul (the original version with just Serge singing it). B-sides and bonus tracks: Pan Am Slit Scam (both the live one and studio one).

-My Little Pony. All generations. Wind Whistler, Mimic (best toy) and Majesty are best G1. Bright Eyes is best G1.5. Sky Skimmer is best G2. Rainbow Dash (the fashion-obsessed Earth Pony one) is best G3. Rarity and Pinkie Pie are best Mane Six G4. Luna is best G4 princess.

-Rooster Teeth, mostly Red vs Blue. Washington is best Freelancer. Church is best Blue. Grif is best Red. Felix is best Chorus character, even if he's a backstabbing bellend.

-Rabbits. Little white rabbit, little white rabbit/Do your mushrooms, take your LSD (SHUT UP ME!!). No, I absolutely goddamn love rabbits. I used to have two (one now) rabbits, a Blue Dutch doe named Frances Biffy Mills (RIP) and still have a Blue Dwarf Lop named Malcolm Lionel Mills. Oryctolagus cuniculus FTW.

- I like two animes, never really being able to get into any others. The first is Steins;Gate. TUTURU! Okabe Rintarou is like the genderbent version of Cockeh, seriously. The second is Sailor Moon. It may be girly and camp but ahhhh it's so good!
Dan and Phil. Eeyup. What more can I say, other than that the whiskers come from within?

- MLP crossovers: RvB:MLP, AH:MLP.

- Impeccable grammar is a must. I am female Grammar Hitler except I am not a massive racist or the biggest dickheaded knob in history. I'm just the ultimate Grammar Nazi. Any of my grammar mistakes almost definately come from my stupidly fast typing.

-The sciences. I am a massive atheist, but I won't disrespect anyone who is religious (unless you are a knob of course). I am most knowledgeable in biology (especially ornithology, mammalogy and botany), but all other sciences also interest me greatly, mainly physics and space. John was a scientist, he was hooked on LSD... SERIOUSLY SHUT UP INNER FANGIRL.

- Britishness, like spelling things with u's in, like colour and flavour, and things with re not er, like metre and litre; and leg-clothing is trousers and underwear is pants; and insults like wanker, spanner and tosser; and putting "right" and "like" onto the ends of sentences; and eating crumpets and drinking tea (legitimately two of my favourite edible things); and pronouncing places like Leicester and Worcestershire correctly.

I think that's it for now. Thanks for being epic and the like! Please check out my stuff!

Kasabian by Ionday Kasabian Stamp by Kali-caracal Protect MLP Generations Stamp by CocoChipooRocks Bash Homophobes Stamp by Spikytastic :thumb139006786: Serious Business. by ImFeelingStampity bisexual stamp by Cat-Nipple Obligated to convert? No! by FluffyFerret97 Offended by PaleoClipperArt Enter Shikari Stamp 4 by darkdissolution Rou Reynolds Animated Stamp by RecklessKaiser (hey, don't pretend you weren't expecting that) Night owl by prosaix Shutter Shades Suck Stamp by Spikytastic Your OC's Name Stamp by Spikytastic A Fluid Spectrum Stamp by Spikytastic IDGAF That UDGAF by Rokatsu For SCIENCE Stamp by Spikytastic :thumb476430947: )WE NEED TO FUCKING ERUPT!!! Don't say you weren't expecting that either). Rou Reynolds Stamp by RecklessKaiser (Roughton is my fecking prostitute. Don't even judge me). Gender Norms Stamp by Spikytastic IDGAF Stamp by Fyi-Sus Atheist by The-skilled Conservationist by WinterJackal Stamp by Animalshine Stamp For Snipers by Sir-Zora-Crescent Okabe stamp by Superpluplush Steins Gate Stamp by SolusNox Sailor Moon animated stamp 012 by hanakt Sailor Moon - stamp 3 by kas7ia Dan and Phil Stamp by VAL0VE Atheist by SmearingSin

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